Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel

When homeowners are interested in renovating their home or merely looking to upgrade their house, the most popular choice is usually with a kitchen and bathroom remodel. One thing that often gets ignored, however, is including the home’s existing pipe and plumbing system. Before they know it, all of that new construction has damaged the old existing pipes, and usually, brand new walls, ceilings, and even plumbing fixtures have to be torn back out.

Before you hire a discount remodeling construction service, consider hiring a dedicated plumbing remodeling company. Plumbing Troopers has been assisting Pompano Beach FL with more in-depth renovation services than any construction contractor company can.

Kitchen Remodel Pompano Beach FL

While replacing the flooring, cabinets, and other cosmetic items in a kitchen are obvious, it’s usually less obvious that the drains, pipes and appliances are out of date. Leaks are commonly found in old kitchens, and usually at the wall where the disposal or dishwasher connects. A small steady leak may have been occurring for months without a homeowner even realizing it, growing mold and mildew and causing unseen water damage.

Before you spend the whole budget on new countertops or cabinets, you should always have a dependable plumbing company inspect the existing fixtures for problems. Our team offers low pricing on plumbing inspections, and can even help you install your new fixtures and appliances for less. When you need your new kitchen to stay on budget, we’re the affordable kitchen remodel team.    


Bathroom Remodel Pompano Beach FL

Bathroom remodels especially should have a professional plumbing contractor on site. Although most homeowners are only concerned with how their bathroom looks, there are just too many plumbing connections involved to ignore. This is especially true when it comes to installing modern plumbing fixtures to outdated pipes and drains. New fittings may not be entirely compatible, and any obstruction could be knocked around during construction, leading to blockages. When you need someone who can find, and solve, these problems fast just give us a call for your bathroom remodel needs.


House Re-Pipe Pompano Beach FL

Finding an affordable company to give you an entire house re-pipe in Pompano Beach FL is tricky. Most plumbing services are expensive, using more expensive materials than what your house needs. Discount companies may take short cuts to drive their prices lower, but that will only cause leaks and structural problems later on. For better pricing on comprehensive home re-pipe services, let us help you. We’ll provide better piping services at lower rates, all without putting your home at risk.


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You have more than enough expenditures to worry about with your home’s kitchen, or bathroom remodel needs. Don’t let poor quality plumbing take away from your renovation budget. For more affordable rates on a better home remodel services, you won’t find a better company than us. Before you let a construction company make a bad plumbing situation worse, let us help you the right way.

If you still aren’t convinced, just call us for a no-obligation quote. We love to save area residents money on their renovation needs.

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